2019 CSA

We are doing things a bit differently this year! It is still the same model where you buy into a share from the farm, but this year you will not have pre-packed boxes. You contribution to the farm can be used for whatever you want..whenever you want. Normally the shares are pre-packed and only available from July through October. This year you can come to market at anytime and pick up what you want..you keep track of what you get. So it will be the same idea; a small share and a large. The small is $200 and you will get a $220 value at the Sweet Water Farm booth. Then a large share is $400 and a $440 value at the booth. This also includes fresh flower bouquets as well! Attached is the 2019 CSA brochure to help you understand more. Thanks again for your continued support to our small family farm! We look forward to another great growing season and should be down at market by the end of May (we have a very wet field this year!)

Cheers, Sam and Denise

Please call or email if there are any questions:



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