July 19

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are all enjoying your produce as much as we enjoy growing it! Thanks for helping me have an awesome, although challenging at time, job. The beets in your basket this week are called Chioggia, from a town/region in Italy. When you cut them open you will see a beautiful candy cane striped pattern. These beets are nice shredded in salads as they don’t bleed and turn everything dark red. Also great roasted.

We send out thanks to our friend Dave, from who we purchased these organic hydroponic beefsteak tomatoes that you will find in your basket. Our tiller broke so we weren’t able to prepare our greenhouse in time and then the 7 year old plastic ripped apart one windy day this spring. So early tomatoes wasn’t in the cards this year. That’s life, I guess. At the time I didn’t have the money to fix either item. We are building a new greenhouse this year so next year will be a different story!

So take care and enjoy the nutritious ingredients this week.

Salad Mix
Chioggia Beets
Bell Peppers

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