July 17

Hello everyone! We hope the food has been filling your bellies and making you happy. Our tomatoes have hit a little bit of slow down in the greenhouse, but the outdoor plants have tons of green fruit that will hopefully start ripening up this week. We picked the first of the sweet corn so enjoy. It’s a white corn called Sugar Pearl and it is good! The long white snake looking item in your box is an Armenian Cucumber. Actually in the melon family, this cucumber is sweet, crisp and the skin is so fine you never need to peel them. Thanks to Rick and JimmiLee at Red Top Farm. They provided green beans for the boxes this week. They are great people with an amazing farm just outside Grants Pass. Thanks Red Top! Fresh Dill is included this week. Great on fish, potato and green salads, hang it up to dry if you don’t want to use it this week. When completely dry, rub it between your hands into a mason jar or paper back to use in the future.

This week’s box includes:

Salad Mix
Sweet Corn
Green Beans
Red Potatoes
Bell Peppers
Armenian Cucumbers

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