Week 10

No tomatoes yet folks..but, it’s looking like next week. Although, your all getting a little bit more of summer in your boxes this week. Now that the zukes have started (i know were behind) you’ll probably be seeing them for a while and cukes will probably be ready next week as well! We are just plugging along around here..lots of weeding and garlic cleaning. Planning for fall crops, continual seeding of the basics, and the strawberries are making a comeback. We are thinking of a little work party or just a visit day if you all would like..either August 16 or the 23 (both Sundays). Obviously Saturdays don’t work for us and the work week is pretty full. So, if we could here from you all about which day seems to work better ..that would be great and we could make a decision. We were thinking of a time in the early to mid afternoon. Let us know!  ( This is a different meet-up than our end of season party)So..for the week.


Salad mix






Green cabbage- yes these are shaped like a cone, if some are small you will receive two of them. Their so cute!

Green & Purple Beans– love these lightly sauteed in a stir-fry.

Yellow, pink, and red beets




Head lettuce

Japanese eggplant– These are also great in a stir-fry  ( no need to cut the skin off on these) or you can batter them and fry them for a side dish.

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