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picture updates

Hey friends, I was out and about the other day with the camera in hand..snapping away on harvest day. (Only because harvest days are so mellow right now.) All is well here ..planning, preparing, planting,¬†and positive vibes/intentions to the little … Continue reading

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First market

It was lovley to be down at market again..seeing the old faces and new ones too, sharing recipes, slingin’ leeks to the folks of G.P. and just enjoying the scene. We hope to be there every week, but we’ll … Continue reading

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Family Day

The male human has been culturally conditioned to work, work, work. Thus pyramids, wars, skyscrapers have become realities. At the same time the male human has been culturally conditioned to deny inuition, emotions, empathy, compassion, and all other types of heart-felt energy that allows a man to truly feel life as a gift, a joy to be savored not burdened by. No need to judge the negativity of the momentary reality of the contemporary man, possibly more productive to focus on the amazing creations that have arisen from the work, work, work conditioning of the human male: the insulated thermos, sleeping bags, the surfboard, creations that can be used over and over again to create comfort and enjoyment for the human species. male farmers can become just as driven to work madness as the next male human, thus the wifie(a loving term of endearment) has helped me realize the wonders of rejuvenation found in a mystical moment called “family day.” no working!! this particular family day took us to the beauty and deep green colors of the smith river where our child played on a sandy beach putting his feet into ice cold, clean waters while we laid back in the warm sand and absorbed solar power. that night we slept on the banks of the chetco river, another pristine source of water fed by a unique watershed. we were reminded of the blessing we find ourselves in as residents of the spot on the earth that at this moment is called by us humans as “southern oregon.” the next morning we sat on the beach, watching the power of the pacific ocean. a 70 year old man took us in as friends and showed our son his fishing boat while we were walking around the marina. He and his wife were warm and kind to us and i wonder if we will ever see them again. Back at the beach i watched enviously as two lads braved the cold, with wetsuit and surfboard, and were rewarded with a consistent head high clean swell that fed them left handed peeling waves. i was reminded by the display to always have my surfboard with me and that gifts are always available from the planet we live on. much thanks to the day, much thanks to the family, much thanks to the family day!!! Continue reading

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