2019 CSA

We are doing things a bit differently this year! It is still the same model where you buy into a share from the farm, but this year you will not have pre-packed boxes. You contribution to the farm can be used for whatever you want..whenever you want. Normally the shares are pre-packed and only available from July through October. This year you can come to market at anytime and pick up what you want..you keep track of what you get. So it will be the same idea; a small share and a large. The small is $200 and you will get a $220 value at the Sweet Water Farm booth. Then a large share is $400 and a $440 value at the booth. This also includes fresh flower bouquets as well! Attached is the 2019 CSA brochure to help you understand more. Thanks again for your continued support to our small family farm! We look forward to another great growing season and should be down at market by the end of May (we have a very wet field this year!)

Cheers, Sam and Denise

Please call or email if there are any questions:



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First 2018 CSA Pickup

Hi gang! Tomorrow is our first CSA pickup! We will be down at market from 7:30 to 2 but we recommend you come down early to pick up to keep your veggies nice and fresh. If it isn’t in the cards to pickup at market you can come grab your box at our house in our farm fridge down at the carport area or give us a call and we can hold it for you until you are able to get it. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and having another great season! Thanks again for your support!
Your farmers,
Sam and Denise (Ari & Ivory too)

p.s. We will be making calls to let you all know who is on the second round of the half shares, which means your pickup will begin next week but go one week later in the fall 🙂

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2018 CSA Sign-Up!

Hi friends and neighbors! We have our CSA dates and brochure figured out so feel free to download and take a look. We will again have a little shorter season due to our usually wet site (although not so much rain this year but we are anticipating some!) We have had a mellow winter spending time with family, clearing brush, and planning for 2018. We hope to see you all again and remember returning members get a 5% discount on the CSA! Looking forward to a great 2018!
Cheers, Sam and Denise

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2017 CSA Sign UP!


Hi friends and neighbors! Sorry for such a long delay in between posts..but we are hear to tell you that we are ramping up for another great season! Although we lost the land we least for farming down the road we are going to focus on really maximizing our space here are home and try different farming methods based on Jean-Martin Fortier and his acclaimed book “The Market Gardener”. Since our site is so wet we usually plant early down at the other field, but because we no longer have that option we will be delaying our CSA this year by almost a month. Don’t worry though as you will see all your favorites and the price has been adjusted based on what share you purchase. We appreciate everyone’s continued support to our small farm as every CSA helps us immensely in the spring months. In addition Denise is also going to be expanding our her cut flower scene to bring more fresh and new varietals to market! Maybe even a cut flower CSA?? Let us know what you think…You can find us sporatically at market over the months of April and May but we hope to be down there for good starting the beginning of June. So if your curious about a CSA or the farm, just give us a call or shoot an email our way and we will do our best to answer any questions. Also if you are just ready to sign up and can’t find us as market just download the link above, fill out, mail in, and you will be put on our list! Thanks again and looking forward to another great season! Your farmers, Sam, Denise, (Ari and Ivory too!)

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Want the freshest produce every week? Want to support small family farms? Want to eat whats is season? Want to be adventurous and try new veggies? Then a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is for you! Our CSA starts June 18th and runs until October 29 with a full or half share option. The full share runs $400 and has a pickup every week. This is a good size for a family of four or two people who eat a lot of veggies. The half share has the same amount of produce as the full with the exception that the pick-up is EVERY OTHER week. This is a nice fit for one or two people and runs $200. Click the link below to download your brochure today and learn more! We thank you for your support to our small family farm and look forward to a great season!
Your farmers, Sam and Denise


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July 4th CSA

Hey neighbors! Sorry we haven’t posted in the last few weeks..time crunch at night time to get everything ready! Usually we will post what you will be getting in you box on Friday. So for the week:
Salad Mix
Green onions
Cherry Tomatoes
Head Lettuce
Living Basil..put this in a vase of water on your counter and use as needed!
Thanks and Enjoy!

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CSA Postponed until June 20

Hi ya all! So in case you haven’t heard Sam gets one trip a year and it was planned for this weekend! We will still be at market but it is too much of a push for mama to do the CSA’s as well! He has called and left messages with most all of you but in case you didn’t receive the message we are letting you know here. The CSA will continue one week longer in October (which is more abundant anyway!) and officially begin on June 20. So just come on down to market and pick up your box or bring some bags to load up into. We look forward to a great season and growing fresh nutritious food for our community!
We will be at market tomorrow with:
Salad mix
Green Onions
Sweet Onions
Parsley/cilantro/dill and basil
Broccoli and Cauliflower
and other various things I’m forgetting…See you down at market!

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2015 CSA Brochure

We still have some spaces left in our 2015 CSA! You can download the brochure here, fill out the info and drop it off at G.P. Growers Market or mail it in. Thanks again for your continued support! Your farmers, Sam and Denise2015 CSA

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March Market!

Hi ya all! We had a wonderful restful winter and are gearing up for another great growing season! Compost is delivered, seeds ordered, some discing done, soil blocks made, berries getting mulched, fruit trees pruned, and starts are a growin! We wil be at market this weekend with a few items and CSA brochures. We will have braising mix, salad mix, garlic, green onions, baby fennel, and some leeks beets and carrots from Green Wizard Farm. We look for to seeing you all again!!

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LAST CSA Oct. 25

Hi ya all…well the last week is here. We hope you enjoyed the seasons bounty and will join us again next year! We are still planing on a pizza party and will let you know when that can be possible. As usual I am writing in a rush and heading off to market so I will get to the point! Your veggies for the week:
Salad mix
head lettuce
mixed potato bag
acorn and blue hubbard squash
Thank you so much for supporting our small family farm and we will see you down at market!
Cheers, Sam and Denise

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